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Two-seat Multipurpose Light Aircraft Sigma-4

Winter shot of Two-seat Multipurpose Light Aircraft Sigma-4

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the town of Zhukovsky, Russia


Center engine mounted on high wing ensures good viewing capabilities and convenient cockpit entrance, minimum variation of center of gravity position with different loads, decreases probable propeller damage during landings/ takes-off onto/ from unpaved aerodromes, especially with ski- equipped or float-type landing gear. It also shortens take-off run (Aircraft Performance) due to the good air flow around the flaps. The modular design of the plane ensures easy change of the plane modification according to customer’s wish. The main frame of the plane is made of metal; the outer skin of the cockpit and wing is made of three-layer fiber-glass plastic.
The basic version of the plane is equipped with a two-seat cockpit, whose large-area wind screen ensures almost all-round surveillance. The cockpit width is 1.22 m, the crew members sit side by side. The control is dual. The pedals can be adjusted to the pilot’s height. The luggage compartment, which is behind the seat backs, can hold up to 80 kilos of cargo. The seat backs are removable and foldable, which enables to place a long-measuring cargo (up to 2,5 m) in the cockpit. The spring-type landing gear (with the steerable front wheel) is equipped with the main wheel brake.
The plane can be completed with a fast-acting plane-and-crew parachute rescuing system and other additional equipment to the customer’s choice. With the wing and horizontal tail detached the plane can be towed by a passenger car. The assembly time after such towing is 15 minutes. The simplicity of design, good thrust-to-weight ratio and controllability will leave you with a pleasant impression of the plane.
The plane is designed in compliance with European standards JAR VLA.


The Plane Sigma-4 can be used as a trainer, touring and sports aircraft. If equipped accordingly (with a set of detachable chemical equipment), the plane can also be used for agricultural purposes. Large-area wind screen ensures almost all-round surveillance, which enables aerial photography and patrolling capabilities. ROTAX-912ULS


The plane is equipped with 4-cylinder four-cycle engine (manufactured in Austria) ROTAX-912ULS 100 hp, certified for aircraft application. The engine is supplied with dual ignition system and built-in fuel pump. To enhance reliability, an additional electric pump is installed.

Aircraft Performance

Empty weight, 340 kgMin speed, 70 km/h
Take-off weight, 560 kgRate of climb 6.0 м/с
Wing span, 9,8 mTake-off run, 77 m
Max speed, 200 km/hRange, 650 km
Wing area, 11 sq.mTake-off distance to h=15 m, 210 m
Tank capacity, 65 lLanding distance from h=15 m, 400 m
Cruising speed, 170 km/hLimit load factor 4.0

Standard equipment:

  • Airframe with basic equipment set, incl. flight operation and maintenance manuals. The outer surface is covered with bicomponent enamel
  • Power plant incl. engine, systems and equipment to be supplied with the engine, propeller

Additional Equipment (to be chosen by the customer):

  • parachute rescuing system,
  • radio station,
  • flaps electrodrive,
  • wing clearance lights,
  • headlights,
  • cabin luxury trim,
  • ski-equipped landing gear,
  • float-type landing gear,
  • glider towing lock,
  • drawbar for car-assisted towing,
  • a set of detachable chemical equipment or other customer-chosen equipment.
Installation of headlights enables flights in the dusk with take-off from and landings onto unlit runways. This type of plane is equipped with reliable composite major landing gear legs and metal nose leg, which, together with the upper position of the power plant, enable to land onto the high grass, shrubbery, and also taxi and take off in such conditions

Delivery terms:

For Private Person: The prepayment is 50% for the airframe and 100% for the engine and additional equipment. The manufacture time is 2-6 months as of the prepayment date. For business customer: there are flexible prepayment terms.
The manufacture time is 4-6 months since the moment of availability of prepayment sum on the manufacturer’s account, depending on the availability of parts in stock, number of planes currently ordered/ being manufactured and the additional equipment ordered.


Two-seat Multipurpose Light Aircraft Sigma-4 has been manufactured sinse 1999.
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